LTS Technology is focused on making our customers extremely happy with our products and services.

Web Application Development

We create custom web applications that solve complex business problems. Our solutions are custom developed for your specific needs. They are tailored to your specific requirements and industry.

Mobile Websites

Most companies web sites don't look good on mobile browsers. We can re-purpose your current web site content to create a great mobile web site.

iOS and Mac Applications

Cocoa, Objective-C, and Swift. These are the technologies used in native iPhone apps and the Mac. LTS Technology is fluent in all of these languages and technologies, as well as with Xamarin. We can select the right combination of technologies to deliver a new iPhone or Mac App or enhance an existing one.

Custom Business Software

Our custom business solutions are innovations and created specifically for your needs. We can develop for Mobile, Tablets, Windows and Mac. We can integrate our custom solutions with your existing systems.

Microsoft .Net

Our developers have been using .Net since its introduction. If your client or server platform is based on Microsoft technology, our .Net experts can create or enhance a custom software solution for your company.

C and C++

When your solutions needs to efficiently get the most out of the hardware, our C and C++ skills will get the job done. Whether its running on Windows, Linux, or Unix we can deliver C and C++ solutions that are powerful and efficient.


A major international chemical company with locations around the world.
A leading cancer research and treatment center.
An advanced medical device prototyping company.
A non-profit company based on business education for high school students.


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Dennis Kunc

Principal Consultant

Dennis is an industry leader having over 30 years of field, corporate, and consulting experience in the fields of information technology and software engineering.

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